Sweeten your Baby’s First Tooth Ceremony with CreamOne’s First Tooth Cakes in Dubai

In recent years, the first tooth ceremony has been celebrated among a lot of people in many cultures around the world, and the celebration is a significant milestone in a baby’s life.

The first tooth celebration is considered an important moment for both the kid and their family. The special occasion is often celebrated with friends, family and neighbours. People who attend the party will offer gifts to the child to mark the event as more special.

If you are residing in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman, and looking for a perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first tooth ceremony, you can try to order a cake from our first tooth cakes collection.

CreamOne is a reputed yet popular cake shop in Jumeirah, Dubai specialised in creating customized cakes for special occasions like weddings, graduation, birthday, baby shower, etc… Along with other ceremonies, we are offering first tooth cakes to celebrate the arrival of baby’s first tooth.

In this blog article, we will introduce a CreamOne best-selling first tooth cake and explain to you why the cake is a perfect choice for your baby’s first tooth ceremony. Also, we will discuss the flavours, fillings and sizes available in the cake and how to order one for your kid’s first tooth occasion.

Let’s get started and explore how CreamOne cake shop can help you sweeten your baby’s first tooth ceremony.

Introducing CreamOne’s Pink First Tooth Cake

CreamOnes’ pink first tooth cake is a beautifully designed and deliciously baked cake that is exclusively crafted to celebrate the arrival of your kid’s cute first tooth. The pink first tooth cake is made with the finest high-quality ingredients and is sure to sweeten you and your guests.

The pink first tooth cake available on our website is designed with a cute little toy on the top of the cake that has one tooth, surrounded by white clouds and other star-shaped decorations.

pink first tooth cake

The cake is available in two different flavours, including vanilla and chocolate. While ordering the pink first tooth cake, you can also choose to have your cake decorated with your child’s name or any other special message. You can use the additional note field on the checkout page to tell us the custom message to be written on the cake.

The pink first tooth cake is one that we have currently on the website. We will keep on adding new designs to the category. If you want to order the first tooth cake in other designs of your choice, the customize option is what you all need to follow. 

Let’s take a look at the customization cakes process.

Customize your First Tooth Cake for the first tooth ceremony

As said above, if you are looking for more cake options in the first tooth cake segment, CreamOne also offers you customized cake services in Dubai and two other UAE cities like Sharjah and Ajman. 

With the Customize your Cake product option, you can simply upload the first tooth cake photo of your choice and add the custom message, that’s enough. Our team of professional bakers will design the cake as per your photo choice.

So, if you want to add more of your personal touch to the first tooth cake, the customised option is the finest one for you.

To get first tooth cake ideas, you can refer to social media platforms like Pinterest where you can browse hundreds of designs and choose one of your choice to upload on CreamOnes’ customize your cake order page.

Ordering your First Tooth Cake from CreamOne

No matter whether you are choosing our pink first tooth cake or ordering one using customize option, the ordering process is just simple.

Simply head over to the Pink first tooth cake product page, and select your preferred flavour, size and cream fillings, special notes can be added to the checkout page. If you opt for the customised cake option, choose size, flavour, fillings and you can get a photo from the internet and upload the photo, and write the custom message. 

Now, add to the cart, choose the delivery information and proceed to checkout with the required details and then at last place your order. That’s the simple ordering process. Once your order is done, we will receive it and deliver you on time as per your selection.

If you are ordering a cake for the first time and not sure about the size of the cake selection process, refer to this guide: How to choose the perfect cake size for your occasion?


In conclusion, CreamOne pink first tooth cake is the best way to celebrate your baby’s first tooth ceremony in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. With the variety of fillings, flavours, sizes and easy customization options, you can be sure to find the best first tooth cake that will be both tasty and memorable for the special event.

Head over to the product page whenever you want to order the first tooth cake and place your order to make the ceremony better and more memorable.

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