Cocomelon Cake Design Trends: What’s Hot in 2024

If you are planning a birthday party or any special gatherings and occasions for your little princess or boy kids, a cocomelon cake design is a perfect way to add some fun and sweetness to the party.

The cocomelon theme cake design trends in UAE are changing every now and then, so it can be challenging to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.

That’s why in this blog post, we have compiled a list of some latest cocomelon cake design trends that are sure to dominate in 2024. From vibrant colours and playful themes to delicious cream fillings and creative designs, we have got you covered.

The cocomelon cake designs from the blog post might be helpful for you to understand what cocomelon cake to pick for your little ones’ upcoming parties.

Let’s get started with the designs.

Cocomelon Cake Design Trends of 2024

1. Cocomelon Family Cake

cocomelon family cake

Looking for the perfect cake to celebrate your child’s love for cocomelon? Without searching for many other options, try the cocomelon family cake.

This well-designed cake features the cocomelon family in toy face form at the front of the cake. Baked with vibrant colours and intricate designs, the cocomelon cake design will bring a smile to any child’s face.

The cake itself is moist and fluffy, and also you can choose from layers of delicious sponge flavours either Vanilla or Chocolate.

Ensure to try the Cocomelon family cake for your kid’s birthday party from CreamOne, sure, it will be one of the top highlights of your celebration.

2. Cocomelon Bus Cake

cocomelon bus cake

All aboard for a fully fun celebration with our cocomelon bus cake. A school bus-shaped playful object has been created and added the same to the top of the cake. That looks cool and sure, your kids will be delighted seeing this kind of element added to the cake.

Whatever the celebration is, if you are planning for a cocomeleon-themed party, just go for this cocomelon bus cake as the same is available in sizes, flavours and fillings.

Depending on the number of guests attending your party, you can choose the perfect cake size and avoid leftovers and shortage of cake issues.

3. Cocomelon Rainbow Cake

cocomelon rainbow cake

Brighten up your special celebration with CreamOnes’ stunning cocomelon rainbow cake. 

The best cake choice for your little kid’s 1st birthday celebration. This eye-catching cocomelon rainbow cake features a rainbow shape arch on the top of the cake that adds an elegant look to the cake design. You can choose to fill the cream fillings between the cake layers as the cocomelon cake design is available with 20 different cream filling options.

Making your party guests feel wow is super easy with the best-baked cocomelon rainbow cake. Not just kids but also adults who are organising rainbow-themed parties can try ordering the cake.

4. Cocomelon 2 Cake

cocomelon 2 cake

Are you looking for a cocomelon cake that’s twice as nice? This cocomelon 2 cake is a perfect choice. The delightful cake features a rainbow fondant on the upper side of the cake with the 2 number element added on it.

The best consideration for kids who celebrate their second birthday. In any 2nd year celebration, the cake will be one perfect addition. If you want to make any customizations to the cake, in terms of the number object, you can easily do so by contacting the team either on Whatsapp, call or even Email.

To add more fun and deliciousness to your celebration, this cocomelon 2 cake might be the opted choice as it is available in 3 sizes ranging from 2 KG to 3 KG.

5. Cocomelon Comic Cake

cocomelon comic cake

Do you love celebrating your special days with a comic cake? If yes, you can try this cocomelon comic cake. A cocomelon combined comic style on the cake looks pretty nice and best for any celebration, no matter whether it’s for kids or adults.

A simple yet elegant cocomelon comic cake is best for boys, girls and comic lovers to add a memorable touch to the celebration. Go for it and share with us how your celebration is.

6. Pinky Cocomelon Cake

pinky cocomelon cake

The pinky cocomelon cake delights not just your eyes but also your taste buds. This stunning cake features edible fondant cocomelon characters on the overall cake designs and also some fun elements added to the cake.

Of course, pink is the most considered colour when it comes to picking cakes, but still, if you want an option other than pink in the same cake model, there is a blue cocomelon cake available which you can order from the CreamOne website.

Apart from the six most trending cocomelon cake designs, you can explore a few more cocomelon cakes on the CreamOnes website cocomelon cakes category page that is exclusively created to upload cocomelon cakes.


The cocomelon theme cake designs are the perfect choice for any celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, or just a family gathering celebration, you can order one from CreamOne.

With the delicious sponge flavours, mouth-watering fillings and eye-catching designs, these cocomelon cake designs are sure to add extra sweetness and fun to your special occasion. Order now and enjoy the celebration.

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