Order Customized Cakes in Dubai – Your Vision, Our Creation

If you are looking to order customized cakes in Dubai designed according to your personalized choice for your special occasion, ordering a customized cake from the CreamOne website can be the perfect solution.

At CreamOne in Dubai, we understand that every celebration of our beloved customer is unique and special, which is why we are offering the ‘Customize Your Cake’ option to suit your individual preferences and needs.

Starting from very simple designs to the fanciest creations, we work closely with you to bring the cake design of your choice to life. 

Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday, or any other occasion, our affordable custom cakes are the perfect addition to make your occasion memorable.

In this blog post, we will take you through the quick process of ordering customized cakes in Dubai from the CreamOne online store.

The Benefits of Ordering Customized Cakes in Dubai

There are numerous amount of benefits to ordering custom made cakes in Dubai. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to create a unique cake that exactly reflects your size and preferences.

You can choose the flavour, size, fillings and even the design of the cake. You can also tell us a custom message to write on the cake.

In fact, the customized cake option can also be a perfect way to surprise your loved ones with their favourite design and flavour.

Custom cakes are perfect for any event or special occasion as they can be easily tailored to fit the theme of the events.

In addition to the above-said benefits, ordering a customized cake in Dubai from a reputable yet best cake shop in Dubai, CreamOne can ensure that you receive a quality cake made with fresh ingredients.

How to Order Custom Cakes in Dubai from CreamOne Website

The process is just simple. In this section, we will get you through the process of ordering a custom cake from CreamOne.

Step1: Visit the exclusive product page we have created for ‘Customize your Cake’ at this link https://creamone.com/product/customize-your-cake/ 

Step 2: Once you visit the page, you will have easy options to choose your preferences. Refer to the image below as we have mentioned in the red box, that is what you will need to fill up to create your own cake.

customize your cake from creamone

Step 3: You have to choose the cake flavour and size from the dropdown. And then, you have to choose the fillings.

We offer up to 20 filling options. Vanilla is worth 20 AED free of cost and for other cream filling costs, you can check in the dropdown.

If you choose other than Vanilla fillings, you can avail of a second cream filling worth 20 AED for free of cost. So, choose the fillings accordingly.

Step 4: This is one important step that you should take care of. After the selection of the filling, you have to upload the cake photo of your preference. In the ‘Upload Cake Photo’ field, you can upload any cake design photo of your choice. 

That is what we are exactly going to create for you. So obviously it’s going to be your vision, our creation. That’s the beauty of custom cakes.

Step 5: There is a field called ‘Write a Custom Message’ you can use the field to tell us what to write on the cake. It can be anything of your choice like Happy Birthday, Eid Mubarak, Happy Anniversary, Get Well Soon, etc.

After filling up all your preferences of customization, you can click add to cart and proceed with the easy checkout process by entering your delivery information, and address and placing an order.

Get Design Ideas from CreamOne’s Wide Range of Cake Models

If you are not sure about the cake photo to upload on the customized cakes option, you can use CreamOne’s wide range of cake models as we have already loaded 100+ exclusive cake designs on our website which you can browse on the website shop page.

We have cake models in more than 30 categories such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, spiderman cakes, gentleman cakes, graduation cakes and many more. So whatever your celebration theme is, you will get cake models from our shop.

You can directly place the order for the cake design just by only choosing the flavour, size and fillings.

Our cake designs are unique and made with attention to detail. So, we can say sure that you will love our cake collections. If not, browse the internet and upload in the CreamOnes’ custom cakes link, and we will bake it for you as same as your requirements.

The Importance of Using High-Quality Ingredients

At CreamOne, we understand the importance of using high-quality and fresh ingredients in our customized cakes. 

Not only customized cakes but even if you order cakes from our range of designs, we also use high-quality ingredients such as Belgium’s high-quality real chocolate and fresh signature whipping cream.

Our professional bakers handpick the ingredients and ensure that they are of the best quality. We are sure that all our cakes are delicious and importantly, healthier for consumption.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

On our home page, you could read some testimonials from our satisfied customers expressing their happiness about our quality, taste and user-friendly customer services.

Most of our customers who have ordered customized cakes with us used to often share feedback like they are happy and highly satisfied with the same design we deliver as they asked. Moreover, we have got good opinions from our customers regarding CreamOnes’ on-time delivery services.


When it comes to customize your cake, CreamOne offers wide options to select from such as size, flavour, fillings, photo models and custom messages.

With the help of our well-trained bakers and cake designers, we ensure that your preference is transformed into a reality.

Place your order with us today and experience the difference in our affordable custom cakes. We look forward to serving you.

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