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Unicorn Birthday Cakes, Dubai

Creamone’s Unicorn Cakes in Dubai will add a bit of extra magic to your unique activities! At Creamone, we believe that each birthday party merits a hint of whimsy, and what better manner to have it than with our Unicorn Cakes?

Our Unicorn Cakes are colorful and scrumptious. We top our cakes with unicorn toppers or make them with buttercream frosting. No matter which one you opt for, it will be the highlight of your celebration with unicorn birthday cake.

Custom Unicorn Cakes With CreamOne Dubai

Would you like some customized flair on our Unicorn Cakes? If so, share your thoughts with us and we will craft lovely Unicorn Cakes. Whether you want a particular color palette or even a rainbow on the cake, our gifted bakers will carry your vision to life.

Order your custom Unicorn Cake in Dubai by visiting our cake shop in Jumeirah. You can also order on our website, and make your celebrations unforgettable with a cake to depart your visitors in awe.


Q: What is a Unicorn Cake?

A Unicorn Cake is a themed cake that features a unicorn, colorful frosting, and other elements, such as fondant decorations and edible glitter.

Q: Do Unicorn Cakes in Dubai include edible decorations?

Unicorn Cakes in Dubai can have edible decorations like fondant unicorn horns or ears, and even edible glitter or sprinkles.

Q: What are unique unicorn birthday cake ideas on Pinterest? 

Some of the best unicorn birthday cake ideas on Pinterest include Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings, Unicorn Fondant Cake, My Little Pony Unicorn Cake, Unicorn 2-Tier Cake, Rainbow Unicorn Cake, and Hand-Painted Unicorn Head. CreamOne can design any unicorn birthday cake. Just bring your reference and leave it to us.

Q: Are Unicorn Cakes suitable for all occasions?

Unicorn Cakes are quite versatile and can be included in various occasions, including birthdays, baby showers, kids’ parties, etc.

Q: How far in advance should I order a Unicorn Cake?

It’s recommended to place your order for a Unicorn Cake in advance, especially for custom designs or during peak seasons. Ordering a few weeks ahead can help ensure availability for your desired date.